About Us

About HR Designs

Our focus is architecture and interior design that require high levels of innovation, detail, quality and we aim to activate our client’s lives through thorough attention to imaginative and intelligent solutions geared at their specific requirements from the inception of ideas to realities.

The firm has grown steadily since its inception in 1997 with a focus on building a team of home-grown talent.

My ideal clients are not necessarily those with the largest budgets.

I find it more important that clients should have an appreciation for my talent, allowing me the opportunity to help them to the best of my potential.

My aim is to offer cost-effective design solutions that are sensitive to their lifestyle, their building site and budget.

It can be summed up in two words: Communication and Design. Communication is necessary to accurately define a client’s needs. Design is necessary to solve it.

The relationship between the architect and client is an intimate one. The architect must be sensitive to the client’s needs, fears, expectations and the project’s financial and other realities.

This is where good communication is essential. Often, while we continue to discuss the project, my client and I become aware of new challenges and opportunities. This leads to a richer understanding of what we are dealing with and a better result. I always strive to be mindful of the client’s tastes and preferences, while voicing my professional opinion.

Our mission

We pride ourselves in providing a service to clients who is open and honest. We also pride ourselves in the confidentiality relationship between projects and our clients. We believe that because the project belongs to the clients, their wishes need to be kept. If the client’s requests are in line with relevant standards and codes, we will try everything possible to ensure the project is designed to exactly what the client has in mind. We will also help and provide support to the client during the approval and construction process.

“Architecture has a significant if not massive impact on our physical environment, and a less obvious, but equally significant impact on our psyche.”